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March 19, 2008

war is peace

war is peace

freedom is slavery.

ignorance is strength.

most of us know, instinctively, that these three statements are absurd. yet these are all things republicans believe. how else can one explain the past five years of war in iraq? the bush administration would like you to believe that through war, we can achieve peace and ‘democracy’ in the middle east. they’d like you to think that freedom in this country will be protected by making us all slaves to the watchful eyes and ears of data-devouring, privacy-eviscerating government ‘security’ programs. and they want you to put those goddamn stubborn facts aside and just trust them to ensure america stays strong in the face of grave threats ‘out there’. truth be damned; dogma be praised.

eric blair was more than eerily prescient when he wrote 1984 back in 1949—he was keenly observant. blair had just lived through world war II and had seen the ugly face of totalitarianism up close. and though ‘democracy’ carried the day to defeat hitler and those who had rallied around him, it wasn’t too hard to extrapolate a future in which a more insidious form of fascism could take root underneath the fertile ground of post-war prosperity.

fast-forward to 2008. today marks the fifth anniversary of the iraq invasion and occupation. as many others have written, this military disaster has gone on longer than world war I, world war II and the civil war. it has cost us dearly in human life, dollars, reputation and our ability to make sound judgments as a nation. it has been, arguably, the single greatest foreign policy disaster in our history. and we’re nowhere near close to ending it. that pathetic shell of a man, mccain, wants to keep us there for another 100 years. he claims it’s inevitable. the only thing that’s inevitable about iraq is that it will take us decades to recover from our blunders there.

it didn’t have to be this way. and it better not be this way in the future. because if we can’t learn from this colossal mistake, then we are truly ignorant. truly slaves to immoral so-called leaders. and truly locked in a never-ending war—with ourselves.

March 19 Iraq War Blogswarm

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  1. mandy
    March 19, 2008

    GREAT post and 1984 is one of my favorite books…

    it IS scary…

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