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October 7, 2008

from hero to zero

from hero to zero

nobody’s calling this pathetic excuse for a human being a “hero” these days. here’s mr. “country first” at one of his nuremberg – er, campaign – rallies today with what is obviously a sizable chunk of the low-information voter bloc in attendance.

mccain has neither the guts nor the moral compass to denounce the supporter who yells out “terrorist!” in response to mccain’s question “who is the real barack obama?”

this is today’s republican party in a nutshell: ignorant, more info

living in fear of manufactured threats and enemies, selfish and self-serving, and utterly incapable of acting with civility, compassion or grace. i imagine that true self-described ‘fiscal conservatives’ and/or ‘goldwater republicans’ (commonly mistaken for libertarians) have already abandoned the shitheap that is their party. but those who continue to claim proud membership in the republican club are either incredibly and willfully stupid – or morally bankrupt.

a business-owner/husband/father/musician/voice actor living in san francisco with a wife and three boys


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