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April 2014
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two thumbs up for sticky fingers

karl denson’s tiny universe & anders osborne the independent san francisco, ca  usa 2011-10-22

when this show was first announced, i didn’t pay much attention. sure it looked like an interesting idea, but not enough to make me run out (or rather, click over) and buy tickets. i’m talking about the karl denson/anders osborne [...]

a wizard a true star

todd rundgren the palace of fine arts theater san francisco, ca  usa 2009-12-01

when it was first announced that todd rundgren would be performing his classic “a wizard a true star” album in its entirety for the first time ever, rundgren fans everywhere began to quiver in anticipation. where would the shows be? (the [...]

wish they were here

pink floyd, that is. the floyd were one of my favorite bands growing up…and i’d still put at least three of their albums in my top 100 list if i were ever forced to make one. but the ‘real pink floyd’ disappeared a long time ago in a huge explosion of acrimony between roger [...]

support the san francisco opera!

Sfo – 015 The Abduction 60R by San Francisco Opera   Download now or listen on posterous SFO-015_The_Abduction_60R.mp3 (2424 KB)

why? because i said so. in this radio spot right here, actually.

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twangin’ with the old 97′s

Big Brown Eyes by Old 97’s   Download now or listen on posterous old97s2001-05-11.FWIS-042.flac16.micro.t22.mp3 (11857 KB)

(note: i’m going to be testing out the posterous-to-wordpress integration over the next few posts in an effort to jumpstart my rather dormant blogging efforts.)

posterous ( is a pretty interesting proposition: post just about anything anywhere via [...]