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voice acting

as a professional voice actor represented by look talent in san francisco, i have had the great fortune of working on everything from the national TV spots for franklin templeton investments (if you watch any sports on TV, you’ve probably heard these spots a gazillion times. unfortunately, it was not a union gig with residuals) to the Young Indiana Jones DVD set for lucasfilm (i was one of five narrators for the bonus documentary content found on the DVDs).

you can listen to my commercial demo below.

i am also a member of the bay area’s premier audio theater ensemble, the one act players.

how did i manage to get the voices out of my head, into my throat and out of my mouth so that i could do this professionally? through the tutelage of joan spangler, my agent, and the incomparable taylor korobow at the sadly-now-defunct Voice Factory. oh, and a lot of practice.

a business-owner/husband/father/musician/voice actor living in san francisco with a wife and three boys


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